Biosignature Modulation 

Biosignature Modulation is a technique that allows us to analyze specific hormones and how they affect your weight loss and overall health. This technique offers a multi-faceted approach to fat-loss using nutrition and supplementation in addition to strength training. Using this method, clients see huge improvements in their body composition in as little as a few weeks. 

Nutrition Counseling

For clients who choose not to do the 12-week Biosignature Modulation, we cover many aspects of diet during our training sessions. We'll talk about how different foods affect hormone levels and discuss the areas of nutrition you can improve to maximize your progress in the gym. We also now offer a more detailed approach called the GFM (GRIP Fit Macro) Plan. This is a minimum 6 week program that is based on specific macros per individual. It includes scheduled follow-up consults, measurements, and increased accountability.